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Bakeware & Cookware Reviews

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Pyrex 2 Cup Measuring Cup

92 reviews

Glass measuring cups are needed in a kitchen! My husband used them to measure out a serving of greek yogurt to have a healthy serving. I use them when cooking and baking all the time.
Culinary Parchment Paper

42 reviews

I have been using this parchment paper for years and it never disappoints. The quailtiy is excellent and really holds up well. As well the stamped effect on the paper is great for presentation. It is on the pricey side if you do not buy it on sale though!
Instant Pot duo 8 quart

18 reviews

Best investment ever. Quick delicious meals with no fuss. Even the husband has started cooking more extravagant meals. Saves so much time. So glad I got this
Wilton Cake Caddy

34 reviews

I’ve been a at home baker for about 3 years now, always trying to find a box that is the right size to move my cakes and deliver them around was a pain! I picked up 2 of these cake caddies and I was in love! It’s sooo convenient and keeps the cakes perfect while traveling!
Betty Crocker Measuring Spoons

31 reviews

Got these two years ago and love them just as much. Was great when I had my newborn for measuring everything out. I love the ring to keep them all together.
Graniteware Roasting Cookware

19 reviews

I use this for so many things. When I first bought it the intention was to use it for baking ham and/or turkey. But I have found so many more uses for it. Just last week I used it to hold corn on the cob that I made for a family picnic.
Instant Pot

25 reviews

Instant pot is the life changer for working wives and moms. I can prepare the ingredients in advance and after the long working day, just go home and throw the ingredients into the pot and dinner is ready after I finish my shower!
Baker's Secret® Essentials 9" Round Cake Pan

22 reviews

Bakers secret is the way to go in any baking or cooking set. They are always made with high quality and they last for a really long time. Almost 10 years i have had my one set for
Wilton NonStick 12 Cup Standard Muffin Pan

25 reviews

This muffin tin bakes super well. Even if you make a mess while pouring your batter, it is super easy to clean in a dishwasher or by hand. A true staple in any kitchen.
Copper Chef Crisper

7 reviews

These french fry crispers are awesome, hands down! I will never use any other after using this my first time! The cooking time is so much quicker. Your fries come out perfect every time, if you leave them the extra 5 mins. The clean up time is such a breeze. No more scrubbing!!...
pizza stone

1 review

A pizza stone warms up in the oven as the oven preheats. It makes pizza have a crisp and gives pizza crunch when you bite into it. Pizza stones also make your pizza cook faster.
SALT roasting pan

1 review

I was given this roasting pan as a Christmas present. I recently made my first turkey in this pan. I forgot to spray the pan before baking but the pan still looks brand new after washing! No stains, I love it!
Copper cookie sheet

1 review

This is the best cookie sheet I have ever owned. I have used it with multiple dishes and Nothing stick so it is really easy to clean and doesn't warp in the oven.
Wilton Deluxe Piece Cake Decorating Tip Set

23 reviews

I really like this set, comes with everything I need. I have made many beautiful cupcakes using this set. I always get compliments on my cupcakes, thanks to this set. There are lots of u tube videos to show you how tp correctly use eat tip.
Pampered Chef Garlic press

4 reviews

I was invited to a Pampered Chef party a few years ago and I didn’t really need anything but I felt bad not purchasing something. I opted for the garlic press as it was relatively inexpensive in comparison to some other items and I had never used one before. Let me tell you...
Betty Crocker Silicone Parchment Paper

1 review

My daughter said I should try parchment paper and I did in this case It is the Betty Crocker Brand I selected. Precut sized sheets 15"X12" 10 individual sheets Silicone Parchment Paper ,Oven,Freezer, and Microwave Safe, Non stick surface perfect for Baking, and Roasting Results...
Lodge Cast Iron Pro-Grid Reversible Grill

4 reviews

Love my reversible grill because in the winter time, I can make pancakes in the morning and the flip it over and I can grill steaks for dinner all in the comfort of my kitchen. This is perfect for those who lives in small spaces and don't have room for a BBQ!!!
12 Piece Lagostina Euro-Clad Copper Cookware Set

2 reviews

this is a good set of dishes for the price. i think the copper allows for the heat to be evenly distributed and food also doesnt stick to the pans unless on very high heat
Heritage The Rock Mini Grill With Press

1 review

I found this mini grill with press on sale at Canadian Tire and decided to buy it because I've had other Heritage The Rock pans that were awesome. This one was no exception, it's perfect for making grilled cheese! We make a lot of grilled cheese in this house, so this pan is a...
Lagostina Stoneware Baking Set - 4 piece set

1 review

Have often looked at the Lagostina bakeware but when I would see the price I would walk away. Couldn’t afford to do anything else but dream. About two weeks ago Canadian Tire had this bakeware marked down by 75% to $29.99. It was also time to buy my sister a birthday gift and...