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Bakeware & Cookware Reviews

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Pyrex 2 Cup Measuring Cup

93 reviews

Like the material, glass and measurement indication. However NOT pleased with the mess left after attempting to pour contents into a container. Constantly runs down the side and drips off bottom!
Culinary Parchment Paper

45 reviews

I recently bought this brand as it was all they offer , it works and does the job. Only issue is you need to be careful with the oven temp and length it’s in the oven for or else it burns
Instant Pot duo 8 quart

22 reviews

I was very skeptical about this product mainly because the price tag is so big. I really love to cook so I figured why would I need something that can cook for me when I like to do it myself so much? Well, I'll tell you why - baby. That's why. Having a newborn is exhausting and...
Wilton Cake Caddy

35 reviews

I was gifted this one year for my birthday, I love it! It’s about 6 years old now and it looks new ! There is nothing negative to say! It locks firmly and securely!
Instant Pot

30 reviews

I love this thing! With a new baby this thing is constantly running from stelizing my bottles, making baby food quick, having a one pot meal for dinner...its endless. I have tired some fun recipes also it's cool to experiment with.
Betty Crocker Measuring Spoons

31 reviews

Got these two years ago and love them just as much. Was great when I had my newborn for measuring everything out. I love the ring to keep them all together.
Graniteware Roasting Cookware

19 reviews

I use this for so many things. When I first bought it the intention was to use it for baking ham and/or turkey. But I have found so many more uses for it. Just last week I used it to hold corn on the cob that I made for a family picnic.
Emily Henry Ultime Individual Baker 0.8L

1 review

I love this baker. For cooking one or two portions, it's perfect. Everything cooks super evenly in it - I've never had something burn. Cooking time can be shortened due to it holding the heat so well. Colour is beautiful - I ordered the teal "Blue Flame." I highly recommend.
Emile Henry Ultime Medium Baker 2.9L

1 review

i love this baker, and I use it all the time. It's amazing for large portions of pasta, or casseroles, or bulk cooking meats. Everything cooks super evenly - I've never had anything burn, and the colour is rich and gorgeous.
Emile Henry 8.5 oz Ramekin Set

1 review

I love these ramekins. i have them in the teal "Blue Flame" colour, and they are gorgeous. They hold heat so well, and baking time can even be shortened. Things bake super evenly, and in single portions. For individual portions, I highly recommend them.
Emile Henry 11" Square Baking Dish

1 review

I love this baking dish, and use it at least several times per week. Great for things with brownies, cakes, pastas, etc. Everything cooks evenly, and the colour is gorgeous. It feels heavy and holds the heat. Love that it's made from high quality clay.
Wilton NonStick 12 Cup Standard Muffin Pan

26 reviews

I was given this pan as a gift and it is now the only pan I use to make cupcakes. It works great with or without cupcake papers and cooks everything evenly.
Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware Baking Sheet 2-Piece Set

1 review

I've previously only used the dirt cheap pans you pick up at any grocery store and wow, these are a massive difference from that. The word quality comes to mind and sticks there immediately upon opening this set of baking trays by Calphalon. They are thicker, heavier and...
Pampered Chef Glazed Pizza Stone

1 review

I bought this stone so I could make my own pizzas at home. After using it for the first time, I thought it would stain and not get the burnt food off. Oh how surprised I was on the easy clean up. It's the best investment I ever made.
Baker's Secret® Essentials 9" Round Cake Pan

22 reviews

Bakers secret is the way to go in any baking or cooking set. They are always made with high quality and they last for a really long time. Almost 10 years i have had my one set for
Faber-ware 15 piece Stainless Steel Set

1 review

I used to really dislike stainless steel cookware, but now I have no clue why. The more I cook with these sauce pans, and stock pots, the more I love them. So fat they have cleaned up very easily.

1 review

I got the instpot for Christmas from my husband, best thing invented. I can make a soup in 17 min and the vegetables are cooked properly. Can make a roast beef in 20 min.
Copper Chef Crisper

7 reviews

These french fry crispers are awesome, hands down! I will never use any other after using this my first time! The cooking time is so much quicker. Your fries come out perfect every time, if you leave them the extra 5 mins. The clean up time is such a breeze. No more scrubbing!!...
Klezi instant pot accessories

1 review

This is a good beginner insta pot accessory set, though in my opinion a bit on the expensive side (38.99 at time of review). I’m a notorious cheapskate (so maybe it’s that), but while all these items are useful, none of them made me go wow. I do appreciate that you can use...
pizza stone

1 review

A pizza stone warms up in the oven as the oven preheats. It makes pizza have a crisp and gives pizza crunch when you bite into it. Pizza stones also make your pizza cook faster.