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Bakeware & Cookware Reviews

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Pyrex 2 Cup Measuring Cup

114 reviews

Pyrex. Quality. Trust. Savings. Longevity. Is there any better measuring product? It’s the go to and last for life. I cannot recommend enough. You can trust this product and know it will ensure years of baking and measuring and dishwashing. It’s a staple in my cupboard.
Culinary Parchment Paper

54 reviews

I have used this for years. I don’t like to put my food directly on a baking sheet so I throw a layer of the parchment paper down first. Helps keep the tray clean, and also avoids the metal leaching into the food.
Instant Pot duo 8 quart

35 reviews

This is a lifesaver, especially when I'm cooking soup, it softens the meat and makes it sooo tender, it's unbelievable.And it can do so many things even soup, isn't it great? The only thing is I don't have a dishwasher so cleaning the lid can be a struggle.
Betty Crocker Measuring Spoons

41 reviews

I have purchased this set of spoons in the past and I will not be repurchasing in the future. The measurements rubbed right of in less then 10 hand washes
Wilton Cake Caddy

38 reviews

This is a game changer! Whenever I had to bake cakes for relatives, I didn't know to transport the cake, I would place the cake on a plate and lightly wrap aluminum foil over the cake. Not the bake way to present a cake... I purchased this cake caddy at Walmart and have been...
Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Air Fryer, One Size, Silver

1 review

I would replace this immediately if necessary. Great toast, allows you to cook dinner for 3-4 with little or no heating up of kitchen. Would be great for kids going to college or single person. The air fryer allows you to have healthy fried food. Everyone needs this oven.
Instant pot duo SV 6qt

1 review

I was always afraid of pressure cookers in the past but working full time and maintaining family is not easy. Instant pot made my life so much easier. It cooks everything to perfection and you don’t have to stay on it while it does it. Just put everything in close the lid and...
Cosori 5.8QT air fryer

1 review

It is a purchase that you will not regret having, it helps you save time in the kitchen also it is a healthy way since it is not necessary to add oil when cooking
Colore Pasta machine

1 review

I bought the Colore pasta machine at The Kitchen Stuff Plus store. It was $20 plus tax. For a very affordable, easy to use machine It works amazing! The pasta machine has different settings so you can make different types of pasta with it. I have made homemade pasta numerous...
Rachael Ray 10-Piece Cucina Nonstick Bakeware Set

1 review

I love this set. Love the handles. Make sure you follow the instructions and hand wash them. Packaged neatly, arrived scratch free, and are a beautiful color. The metal is very thick - much more sturdy than any other pans/cookie sheets I have ever owned. I love that all of the...
Cuisinart breadmaker

1 review

This is way to use and clean. Takes up small space on countertop and looks great. Recipes included are easy to use and most ingredients are on hand. Little or no movement when on kneed cycles.
Vegetable Chopper

1 review

This vegetable chopper I ordered from Amazon is very good for chopping any vegetable even onions which can be made into very small portions and wonderful for using in salads or garnishing.You can also use for mashing potatoes or any other soft food I am loving it and would...
Philips Air Fryer

1 review

This air fryer is really the best and most used appliance in my kitchen. I use absolutely no oil and make incredible chicken that tastes like it was barbecued!
popsicle molds- ice cream cone

2 reviews

Ice Cube Molds, 2 Packs Silicone Ice Cube Tray Round Honeycomb with Removable Lid Easy Release 7-cell Ice Tray for Whiskey, Cocktail, BPA Free 【Healthy material】Silicone Ice Cube Molds with lids are made of food grade silicone,100% BPA free, keeps your ice safe for drinking...
Philips Hd9220/26 Airfryer With Rapid Air Technology

2 reviews

This is the best thing that I have bought in a long time. If you like chicken wings, this is AMAZING. There is no oil needed, so much better than getting wings at the pub. The best part you don't have to feel guilty because it isn't deep fried. I use this machine pretty much...
Farberware 20 piece cutlery set

1 review

Here's my favourite kitchen tool I have had my hands on different knife sets but this one is my favourite as it has all different style knives, fork and scissors too.. Also, the design is sleek and does not take much space. . . -As you see it comes securely packed and even...
Popscile molds- ice cream cone

1 review

I got these super cute molds from walmart in the summer section and I absolutely love them! They are super easy to use and very sturdy! I decided to make iced coffee popsicles in them and I love how they turned out. They kept their shape, were easy to remove and froze nicely! I...
Graniteware Roasting Cookware

22 reviews

These are the best roasting pans on earth and I got mine from my mom so that tells you how long they've been around. From roast to pot roast they do it all and then some, so ladies your not wasting your money on this product.
Meyer Stainless Steel Cookwear

1 review

I’ve had my Meyer stainless steel pots for over 20 years if you can believe that😳 They are still going strong, while my T-fal set which is 2.5 years old, is ready for the trash!! Meyer is not non-stick, so I mainly use them for my soups, boiling pasta, things like that...
Instant Pot

30 reviews

I love this thing! With a new baby this thing is constantly running from stelizing my bottles, making baby food quick, having a one pot meal for dinner...its endless. I have tired some fun recipes also it's cool to experiment with.