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Kitchen & Appliances Reviews

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Magic Bullet Single Shot

139 reviews

I had been after a blender for a while so I could create a smoothie every morning before work. I settled on the magic bullet due to the online reviews and it had been on sale when I bought it. This is a little beast! It works within seconds and it really packs a punch. On the...
Alcan Aluminum foil

61 reviews

Le papier d'aluminium Alcan est un produit que j'utilise depuis plus de 20 ans et je ne le remplacerait pas pour rien d'autre. Il est très résistant, ne se déchire pas facilement et résiste très bien à la chaleur . Je l'adore . P.s. ça vaut le coût.
Kitchen Aid classic Series Stand Mixer

32 reviews

I had wanted one for years and my husband surprised me with one. It makes baking a breeze. I can whip up multiple loaves of bread, batches of cookies, whipped cream, or anything my family wants in no time now.
Instant Pot 6qt, 6 in 1

19 reviews

After a difficult day and you come home to realize you forgot to take meat our for dinner you no longer have to stress just throw some meat and veggies and some broth and Viola you have dinner done in 30 minutes.
IKEA Bevara Bag Clips

29 reviews

I bought a bag of IKEA bag clips about 6 yrs ago on sale for a couple of dollars and I'm still using them every single day for one bag or another. It's frustrating to fight a know especially in plastic bags and these clips not only solve the problem they are also reusable. I...
Ninja crockpot

1 review

I bought a ninja crockpot because of the reviews I read online about it. And needless to say very satisfied I did it's a 3 in 1 so it cooks steams and it's a slow cooker. Phenomenal!!!100 percent would recommend this product to everyone whose looking for a new slow cooker
Hot pot blender

1 review

On black Friday I bought this blender and it's seriously the best blender I've ever bought. It has all sorts of things it can do. From.blending to pureed. Its amazing I highly recommend it. Original place is 99.99 which is pretty steep for me so that's why I bought it on black...
Instant pot duo nova 8qt

2 reviews

This product surpassed my expectations. I was able to take it directly out of the box and use it the same day. There was a recipe book included that allowed me to try new recipes. My kids are able to use this as well. Bonus points for the ease of use. Having four kids is...

1 review

We like our GOTHAM STEEL BACON Bonanza Copper..It gets the bacon perfect crispy for them BLT's..The rack keeps your bacon lifted away from grease..Keeps your bacon lean - less calories and cholesterol..I love mine
Cuisinel Cast Iron Round Griddle 10.5"

1 review

Like the other Cuisinel stuff I’ve tried, this is great quality and while it comes pre-seasoned, they do recommend seasoning it before use. That’s because the more you season it, the more non-stick it will become, so extra seasoning is never a bad thing. However, you can use...
KitchenAid KSM75SL Classic Plus 4.5-Qt. Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, Silver

1 review

I been wanting on for years. My husband got it for me as a gift. Best mixer I ever owned. Take a lot less time to use then my old hand mixer. A little heavy but I don't mind.
Nuwave air fryer

1 review

Okay o ordered this awesome air fryer from kohls and we love it. This device has been a staple in our house the last 2 months because it's been super hot and just using our oven make our house boil so I bought this in Hope's of not having a hot house and still being able to cook...
Ocunaris knife sharpener

1 review

When I first got this I was a little hesitant to use it thinking it wouldn’t work but I gave it a try and couldn’t believe how effective it was! All of my knife needed a good sharpening and this little guy did the trick! Very simple to use and gets the job done! It’s also...
Farberware 3 liter filter fryer

1 review

My new favorite fryer! Easy to setup and clean. The filtration system for the oil ans thr compartment works awesome. Wait until the oil cools (I waited overnight) and it drained quickly and the oil was clean. Oil maintains its heat throughout which was perfect for batches. The...
Keurig 2.0 K200 Brewer

1 review

We use our Keurig DAILY several times a day, I love the selection of coffee, teas, and hot chocolates you can get for it. It heats up quick. My only complaint is that we have had to replace it in less than 2 years, it could have been not descaling it often enough but it stopped...
Cascade Complete ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent Soap

14 reviews

I bought a jumbo box off these from Amazon and I've been really happy with their performance. I've put some dishes in the dishwasher that had enough stuck-on food I didn't expect any dishwasher detergent to clean them entirely on the first wash but this left them sparkling...
Ninja Instant Cooker.

1 review

This Cooker is a dream, this is the best Slow Cooker, Pressure Cooker, Steamer, and Sear/Saute. I am using it 4-5 times a week if not more. I will never go back to just a slow cooker.
Rock heritage actifryer

1 review

I just bought a Ninga actifryer love love love it. It’s great for a family of 3-4 ppl. I’ve cooked chicken legs, wings, French fries and cordon blue. It’s half the time of the oven and everything comes out juicy and well cooked and crispy. With the wings next time I...
Litchi Single Serve Coffee Maker, Coffee Machine for Most Single Cup Pods Including K Cup Pods, Quick Brew Technology

1 review

So I know most have probably never heard of this brand. My $120 Keurig crapped the bed one day and I could not afford to buy a new one. Someone recommended this as I don't drink a lot of coffee at home and only really have one cup before i go to work. This kcup coffee maker...
Farberware Air Fryer

3 reviews

When I made fries in my air fryer and they turned out to be amazing. The fries can out nice and golden. When I made fish sticks they took half the time.