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Purina Dentalife Chews

It was a Friday and I had these in my pantry and decided to give my two Pomeranians a treat. Both of them ate them pretty fast. A few hours later my male Pom vomited twice. The next day he vomited 5 times, he couldn’t keep even chicken and rice down. My female dog also vomited...

Rollover dog treat

Rollover rolls are a fantastic value and offer a completely balanced diet for your pet. I purchase them specifically in bulk to dice up and use as food rewards for dogs in training with me (and my own dogs, of course!). 9/10 dogs LOVE them (even the ones whose owners say they...

Cat Chow all cat dry food

Im always trying something new for my spoiled girls...bought it and tried it they are extremely finicky but liked it. Will buy it again for them down the road

Greenies Dental Chews

Not sure about teeth cleaning but the dogs love it. Could be a bit cheaper. Does the job keeps them happy busy and occupied. I don't think makes a difference to teeth though

Iams ProActive Health Indoor Weight & Hairball Care Cat Food

We bought this because our one cat was having a lot of hair balls from cleaning our other cat. We thought we would give this a try and hoped it would also help her lose a bit of weight while just maintaining the other two. It worked! Hair balls cut down to barely any and we...