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Royal Canin Adult Dog Food

I have a springer spaniel and they can have sensitive stomach and digestion issues. My dog Jackie O has been on Royal Canin since 4 months, no other food and no "people" food. People always comment on her shiny beautiful coat and the vet raves on how healthy she is ! Love this...

special kitty clumping antibacterial multi-cat scented litter

So we were referred this litter from a friend who had 2 cats and swears by it. We bought it once and we did NOT like it at all. It seems cheap if that makes sense. The scent wasnt bad but the way it clumped seems odd to me. My husband did not like it either so its a no for us...

Milkbone Brushing Chews

I have a very fussy, sooky of a German Shepard. Abby gets a dental stix of some sort every evening. I bought the milk-bone brushing chews size large the other day. They were a bit on the expensive side for 5 chews... but this is something that I will give her once a week. The...

Greenies Dental Chews

My dogs love these! I love that it helps with oral health. they both enjoy them and devour them up! I will keep buying this product. I find i need larger product for my big dog but perfectly sized for my small french bulldog.

Purina One Smart Blend Lamb And Rice 1.81 kg

Depuis 6 mois je n’achete que purina one a agneau riz mon chien de grande race a beaucoup d’allergie alimentaire avec cela il en fait pas il mange mieux et j’ai remarquer qu’il ne perd presque plus de poils il est vraiment tres abordable je le recommande vraiment