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Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Litter

This cat litter eliminates odour effectively, and clumps quickly and well. With daily scooping, there is no odour, apart from maybe right after your cat has defecated. I do not agree that it lasts a whole month. I would recommend fully replacing the litter every two weeks.

Ol Roy Hard Dog Food

I fed this to my dog and he was sick he had the runs and all I couldn’t figure out why then remembered my sister telling me it happened to her dog as well I read online that this is the worse food for your dog as it’s heavy on their stomach Spend that extra 5 bucks and get...

Kong Dog Toy

We recently purchased this for our 3 month old puppy and it’s truly wonderful! The size is great for little mouths, and the Kong provides enough hold so that the treat stays inside without being consumed too quickly. Very solid construction and a good price point! Would...

Odor buster kitty litter

After trying several litters, I like this one best. The dust is low and manageable. There is no scent added, which makes both my cat and I happy. It is easy to scoop and easily available where I live. They had problems in their supply chain about a year ago, but once that was...

Holistic Blend My Healthy Pet All Life Stages Formula Chicken, Rice & Vegetable

This is a great dog food, its a good price and my pups tummy is doing really great on it and her fur is super shiny and soft. I love that it doesn't have any unnecessary fillers, byproducts or nasty ingredients, its pretty clean for a dog food