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Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer

I sprinkle a little bit of this all over the cats litter then mix it around a bit and it does work to (help) neutralize odour. I put a generous amount on whenever I clean the litter box then give an extra sprinkle mid-week to freshen things up in between cleanings. The price is...

cesar wet dog food

I jokingly call these crack for dogs. My little weiner dog cannot get enough. He knows when its Cesar time and will automatically start smacking his chops when he sees that little white container come out. Value is great. Not sure how good quality they are but for a little...

fresh breath by tropiclean drops for pets

Like many small dog owners, I have been fighting the battle of bad breath in my dog. I have tried many different products but this one has by far give me the best results. I started adding these drops to my dogs water about a month ago. I noticed a difference in his breath...

Kong Dog Toy

My dog loves her Kong! She's had the same one for 3.5 years and just recently it has started to split. She's a hard chewer (Golden Retriever) and she managed to get the end part separated. Great, durable product so will definitely be getting her another one.

Temptations Cat Treats

Shake, Shake, Shake that’s all it takes and your cat will come running to get these treats. My 15 year old cat Hamm, will insist that these treats be his only form of nourishment. As an elderly cat I tend to give in. He’s loved them his whole life.