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Milkbone Brushing Chews

My dog, Sheba loves these treats, and they give her fresh breath and a nice white smile. Sheba is part husky and they do smile a lot. The vet is always saying her teeth are beautiful.

Benny bullies

I have been getting these for my dog's the whole time I've had them. It's the only thing that gets their full undivided attention. Great for training as dogs can't resist also easy to break into smaller pieces

Blue Buffalo for small breeds

We have three Doxies and with a finicky digestive system we are particular about how they eat. We find Blue Buffalo keeps them healthy and content with beautiful coats and nails. I recommend this to all dog owners I know. Our babies only deserve the best

Temptations Cat Treats

I give my cats temptations once every day I have 3 cats 2 males one female when it's treat time the boys will literally cry and scream for treats the female is to ladylike to cry and scream so she will follow you stareing not blinking till you feed them

Kirkland Dog Food

We have to regulate how much the dog eats because she loves this dog food her coat is shiny and no illness or bathroom problems from it she is healthy and happy with this dog food