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Building Toys Reviews

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Rusty Rivets - Botasaur

48 reviews

My son received a Rusty Rivet toy from a family member for Christmas and when we got it, I had never heard of them before. Now, we own 3 different ones, that's how much my son loves them! He loves how he can take them apart and build them back over and over in so many different...
Rusty Rivets - Tigerbot

44 reviews

Best toy, my four year old son and I played with it for a long time. It is a very strong toy. My son is very a rough little boy. And this toy can handle him. I would love to buy the other toys that are from the show. I did get this one free so I know they are worth paying for
Lego blocks

33 reviews

Legos are that timeless toy that anyone can play with. I played with them as a kid and now as an adult, my son and I love doing LEGO projects. From Spider-Man, to Hogwarts, to custom creative projects, legos are a staple to anyone’s childhood and life.
Mega Blocks First Builders

42 reviews

Wonderful blocks for little ones 1+. Perfect size for grabbing. And older ones love stacking high with them. My 1 year old loves them... and even liked helping clean them up
Lego Sets

22 reviews

All 4 of my kids absolutely love Legos! I was not a fan of the price tag at first but now that I have seen how much they actually use them, it is definitely worth it. We have actual Lego sets and extra Legos to build what they want. They build with Legos at least a little...

14 reviews

Minecraft is such a great game for any age. You can build your own world and make it have whatever your heart desires. You can play the actual game in multi player mode or solo. This game makes you use your mind and let's your creative juices just flow. The great thing about it...
LEGO Disney Princess Castle Collection

1 review

I bought every single castle from this collection. My little one gets so excited when she gets one. I get even more excited watching her building a new castle. She has a dedicated place in her room where she exhibits them and just keeps adding new ones to her land of castles...
My first thomas and friends- animal fun train set

1 review

So we got a Thomas and Friends train set to review. The colors are vibrant and it has a cute little monkey. The train that came with the set was adorable and easy to move on the tracks. My son fell in love with it. We are big fans of Thomas the train. I would definitely...
LEGO Harry Potter

1 review

My nephew loves the Harry Pooler collection by LEGO. I buy him a new LEGO for every event. It looks amazing with so many details. And when I thought that I have bought all of the constructors from the collection, LEGO came up with a few new ones that look awesome. I am so exited...
kenitic sand

3 reviews

This stuff can get messy, but it’s worth it and definitely easier to clean than regular sand! My son will sit for HOURS just building, crushing, and just feeling this stuff. I’d love to have an outside sandbox filled with it, and am still very much considering it :)
Twisty Pet Interactive Girls Girlz Mixer

1 review

My daughter loves this Twisty Girlz toy! It’s been so much fun for her. She really enjoys making the doll into a bracelet to wear. She also loved finding out what the mystery pet was that cake with the doll.
Toy story lego

1 review

We have a few of the toy story lego sets. My son loves building and taking apart. He enjoys them alot. They come with different characters with each one.
Bunchems Jumbo Pack

1 review

We love Bunchems! They are so versatile for ages 2 and up (if you don’t mind the choking hazard, as my 2 year old doesn’t put them in her mouth). You can either just clump a bunch of them together or get super creative and make a Spongebob Squarepants like my husband did...

1 review

My son love building cars and trucks so I purchase him the erector discovery bucket that kept him quiet for a couple hours once I get him something he like you better know I want hear a word out of the kid. I'm going to purchase some more soon
Discovery Kids Magnetic tiles

5 reviews

I was introduced to these tiles during a inclusion event for children with disabilities. I was amazed at my grandsons interest in them. They were amazed and stayed at this station much longer than expected and wanted to go back. I immediately ordered them to h as very at home.

9 reviews

I’m so glad I purchased Magnatiles many years ago. I started small because they are really expensive and I was skeptical on how much my kids would enjoy them, but they have truly lasted through so many years of fun. Over the years I kept adding to the collection and now we...
Dinosaur World Building Block Toys

1 review

I would say this would be great for kids ages 8 and up. Even adults who happen to still love toys. [like myself.] but please be cautious if you happen to get this for a younger child, the small parts can easily be choked on if swallowed. They came individually wrapped, inserted...
LEGO 70909 Batman Movie Batcave Break In

19 reviews

Overall a nice build. Comes with plenty of bat suits you cant find anywhere else. Loads of fun for the kids. My 6 year old and me built it together. Not ideal for smaller than that
Picasso Tiles Bristle Blocks

2 reviews

Picasso magnetic blocks are my daughters favorite thing to build with. They snap together so easily and of course are easy to know down when the time comes.
Lego Creator 3 in 1 Deep Sea Creatures 31088

2 reviews

I bought Lego 3 in 1 creators deep sea creatures for my sons birthday. He was thrilled. He loves Legos and loves deep sea sets. This set is high quality and has been hours of fun playing with my son. It is a great price for making 3 different things. I will purchase this set...