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Building Toys Reviews

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Rusty Rivets - Botasaur

50 reviews

This dino has alot going for it alot of fun colors and moving parts that i know my son will enjoy playing withing ang pretending he is in the prehistoric times chasing other dinos.
Rusty Rivets - Tigerbot

44 reviews

Best toy, my four year old son and I played with it for a long time. It is a very strong toy. My son is very a rough little boy. And this toy can handle him. I would love to buy the other toys that are from the show. I did get this one free so I know they are worth paying for
Lego blocks

13 reviews

Their wishlist for birthdays and Christmas always includes Legos. The creativity and versatility is off the charts! I just bought a 1100 Lego brickyard and 10 base plates to glue to a tabletop so they can keep building and show off their masterpieces!
Lego Sets

8 reviews

I like the sets because it helps my son follow directions, but he immediately takes them apart and then they just go in the big box with all the rest of the Legos. He also has sets that are not Lego brand that work just as good and are interchangable with Lego.

7 reviews

My 9 year old daughter's favorite game! She was introduced by her uncle 4 years ago and she has since showed it to numerous friends and they now love it too. It is so wonderful to watch them build these amazing worlds and use their imaginations. They can play a game that has...
Max building more blocks

2 reviews

You get more “bang for your buck” so to speak! Really awesome deal being able to get more quantity, Same quality, yet for a cheaper price! My older boys love them!!
Harry Potter legos

2 reviews

I bought a set for my 8 year old son, and he literally squealed with delight. The mini figures are adorable, and we loved that it came with an extra wand for Harry. His birthday is coming up, and I plan to buy the bigger set for him then.
Hasbro Cootie game

3 reviews

My daughter has been asking for this for a long time. I finally got it and she plays with it all the time. Cute bugs. It could help with with teaching colors if a kid is learning their colors.
Bristle blocks

1 review

Out of all the blocks for children my favorite by far is the bristle block. My kids love these. They work well for fine Motor skills and are fun! You can create a lot of things. And my kids play for hours with them.

2 reviews

These are the perfect attention keeper for kids of any age! My 3 year old and 1 year old love to play with them both together and by themselves! Sure to keep there attention for a while!

1 review

My kids love these! Both the 2 year old and the 4 year old enjoy building with these magnetic tiles. They also add in their action figures and cars to make headquarters, burning buildings, castles... you name it. It’s awesome that you can also add on to the sets with different...
lego star wars

1 review

My son loves start wars. And he loves legos even more. He was super excited to try the star wars space ship. It said it was for 8-12 years olds on the box. He is only 6 and put this thing together all by himself in a breeze. we definitely will be getting more legos for the next...
playbrix pirate adventure set

1 review

This PlayBrix Pirate Adventure set by Educational Insights is a great way to encourage children to dream big and use their imaginations this summer! Land ho! Epic fort building meets creative play with Pirate Adventure! This sturdy, 2-in-1 set features 46 blocks designed with...
Lego storage

1 review

My son is really into legos but they can be super messy. We have picked up a few of these for him to try to keep his legos off the floor when we are done playing with them. They are also really nifty because if you more than one of them you can also stack them on top of each...

2 reviews

An expensive toy but one that lasts across the ages. My toddler loves to play with the magnets. My young child builds basic shapes and strctures. My older child follows the 3D building instructions to watch shapes form from being built flat then lifted into another form.
Mega Construx Pokemon Jumbo Pikachu Building Set

1 review

It's so hard for me not to be able to give this little fella five stars, for reasons that might turn out to be entirely my own fault! So basically, he cannot hold the 'all fours' pose without his head falling off. However, I do have extra pieces left. Since none of the other...
Adventure Force

1 review

We just got this Race track/Dino city Garage for our sons 3rd birthday, he loves building things, matchbox cars,trucks, and dinosaurs so this was a home run with him, it has light up pieces that you drive thru, a dinosaur head that randomly snaps down its mouth on passing cars...
Hot Wheels Track Builder System Race Crate Playset

1 review

Simply put, this set was a massive disappointment. One of the first things I expect a toy to do is work well and here's where the Hot Wheels set falls short. It's not like this is a twenty dollar toy, no, it's a high cost and for that I expected it to do what it said and well...