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Hatchimal CollEGGtibles

72 reviews

So they were all the craze the other year. Perfect stocking stuffer, even found them at a good price...but.....the kids get excited,open it and then do nothing with then but store them . They are just dust collectors.
Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Tropical Party Playset

67 reviews

We got the tropical party play set as a Christmas gift and it has been a hit! It is a great place to be able to play with the hatchimal colleggtible figures! The sounds all work and it plays music when you press different buttons. The only negative aspect is sometimes it will...
PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Super PAWs Lookout Tower Playset

58 reviews

My son is obsessed with Paw Patrol and loves his tower. It lights up and it’s easy for him to “fly” the puppies on the zip. It is a great size for him and was a perfect bday gift (Grandma did amazing).
kinetic sand

35 reviews

Shhhh don't tell anyone about this but I think I sneak and play with my daughter's kinetic sand way more than I should. Don't get me wrong my daughter loves it but I find it to be so very calming after a long day at work. We get to bond with this creative sand and the...

47 reviews

My children love playing with these and collecting them. I think they are very cute. They are a little pricey but what "hot" toy isn't. The only thing that sucks is when you get duplicates. Its all part of the surprise.
Hatchimal glittering hatching egg

14 reviews

My daughter was smitten with this toy immediately! She loves it and loves talking to it and carrying it all around the house! It reminds me of fur bees from my childhood! It can do so much and learn! It’s very cool!
LOL Suprise pets

14 reviews

I bought this for my daughter for Christmas past and she absolutely loves it! She takes her “pet” with her everywhere she goes! It is a really good quality and while it was rather expensive I would recommend this to all kids that love LOL experiences!
PAW Patrol Ryder’s Interactive Pup Pad

2 reviews

This is a great toy for both of my children (ages 2 and 4). My daughter loves to act out scenes from the show with it. It's really cute and highly interactive. If your child likes Paw Patrol then this is a great toy for your collection!
ryans mystery safe

1 review

I purchased Ryan's mystery safe for my son's birthday. He was so excited to have it. It came with 50+ parts. I love the fact that it opens with a key. There is even a key you have to find that opens a secret compartment in the back of the safe. It revealed even more Ryan's world...
paw patrol extreme construction vehicle

1 review

the extreme rubble construction vehicle is a little pricey for what it is but i can't complain about the durability. Its survived my son a year so far and that is super impressive
blippi mystery ball

1 review

my son is obsessed. Were gonna have to buy like 100 of these things to get them all lop. A dollar cheaper and it would probably be more likeable. I just don't feel good paying 4 dollars for whats basically a happy meal toy
Bubble guppies bath toys

1 review

has tons of the characters for an amazing price. Would definitely buy again. Just wish we could clean the inside lol usual bath toy water issues. But they did take longer to get gross than most other toys
Finger boards

1 review

Since my son love finger toys I decided to buy him a collection of fingerboard skateboard. I was skeptical at first because he like toys that he can spin on his fingers but I just took a chance and purchase some. He really did like them he take them everywhere he go
Pets Alive unicorn

1 review

My kids love the Pets Alive Unicorn as it is an interactive toy, and so many ways they can play with it. They can record their voices, feed the unicorn, make it fall asleep and more. It currently has them both in giggles!
Imaginext eagle talon Castle dragon

1 review

This dragon has a handle that you can carry it by but also make the dragon head stretch out and bite down. When you do that, the wings spread out as well and it makes sounds. This is a fairly large toy but my two year old loves it!
Fisher price drilling’ action tool set

1 review

Simple enough for my autistic two year old to use. Drill bits plug in and come off easily enough for little ones to do it themselves. The drill actually works and sounds like a real one just quieter which is great for sensory sensitive kids and isn’t annoying for parents...
Nerf mega talon blaster

1 review

The Nerf Mega Talon Blaster is such a fun toy! The Nerf gun is red, gray, yellow, and orange in color while the bullets are red with a lighter gray. It also has the Nerf logo and “MEGA” written on the sides. One side has a caution warning to not aim the gun at the eyes or...
Learning Resources Cash Register

1 review

This is a high quality toy that is great for kids who want to have a pretend shop. It is also perfect for cooperative play! My only recommendation is for this toy to be used for kids 4 and up. With my 2 year old, she makes a mess with the pretend money. The dollar bills also...
transformers botbots

1 review

thanks to hasbro i love these toy robots they are fun to play with and easy to transform from robot to everyday objects these are really fun to collect and play with
Nerf Fortnite SP-L

5 reviews

My son and I were excited to see Nerf Partner up with Fortnite and create several weapons from the game. We bought 3 of these at Christmas and they’ve been well played with and all of them have held up fairly well! They all still have shooting power and bullets don’t seem to...