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195 reviews

My son loves playdoh, especially the utensils. He especially loves the dentist kit. I don't like the smell of playdoh. I much prefer softee dough or tutti frutti.
Soggy Doggy Board Game

192 reviews

My youngest daughter received this for Christmas last year. She was 5 at the time. This was at the top of her list. She absolutely loved the game when we first started playing it. For about a week it was the only game she would play! Unfortunately the rubber dog ended up...
Sophie the Giraffe

181 reviews

My daughter didn’t show too much interest until 8 months where she can hold it better with her little hands and strong enough to squeak it. She would smile when I pass it to her in the morning upon waking. I think she likes chewing on it and that it squeaks. The paint on the...
Operation Board Game

78 reviews

We got this for Christmas and my daughter just loves it. We play over and over again. She has gotten so good and it’s a good way to count money. I would defiantly buy again.
Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Tropical Party Playset

57 reviews

My daughter loves this play set! It has interactive sounds and lights and many features to keep the kids interested. It can fit several Hatchimals Colleggtibles eggs or figures. Super cute toy and I highly recommend it.
Uno Card Game

57 reviews

Bonjour, Aujourd'hui je vais vous parler du jeu UNO qui est un jeu trop cool, comme dirait mon fils. B) Le jeu est parfait les enfants s'amusent très bien. Meme si des fois il y as des disputes pour de la "triche", ils sont contents du jeu. Je le donne le jeu dans le car il...
Crayola Classic Markers

64 reviews

I absolutly love this company an all products there wonderful colors an the prices for this product are very reasonable..anyone who loves art or has children should definitely try these
Twister Game

58 reviews

Growing up I got The Twister Game for a Christmas gift. The absolute most fun for my aunt, few years older than me, cousins & brother. We would get twisted up and just have a blast, we played that silly game for hours. Fond memories, glad you're bringing it back.
Yahtzee Board Game

53 reviews

I love this game. I have so many good memories playing this growing up ,playing with my grandmother. I play with with my kids now and is not only fun has helped them greatly in math. Parenting win!
Hatchimal colleggtables

31 reviews

Hatchimals! My 2 kids love them! They're 4 & 8. I think that fact that their a little surprise inside makes them even more happier. And seeing the look on their faces makes buying them worth it.
Hungry, Hungry Hippos

52 reviews

I have kids ages 3 to 13 and they all love this game. Whenever playing, there's always lots of giggles. This game is super easy to play so it's great for everyone. Obviously have to supervise the smaller kids so they don't eat the balls. But this without a doubt is one of my 5...
Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

45 reviews

I have had the cozy coupe for a couple years now and both my kids love playing in it. My older one loves to pretend play wih it and it is equally fun for us to watch them. Very nice buy. Worth it.
Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls

46 reviews

Some great things stay great throughout the years & I'm here to tell you that the Cabbage Patch Dolls are one of those things! I loved playing with these dolls when I was younger & how wonderful to see my children enjoying these dolls too!
Moonlite Storybook Projector Starter Pack (2 story reels)

25 reviews

This was so much fun to use for storytime. It clipped onto my phone no problem and the app was easy to use. I'm looking forward to seeing what other titles they add to their library. Would be so cool if they teamed up with other story makers (like Dr. Seuss, Disney, etc) but we...
Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

40 reviews

There are a lot of options for sidewalk chalk on the market. Crayola may cost a little more than the others, but they are worth it. The colors are bolder/brighter and last longer. The chalk sticks themselves last longer and cover more area. The variety of colors is impressive. I...
Mega Blocks First Builders

30 reviews

My little builders love Mega Blocks, they are building a parking lot, a school, a zoo, a monster and whatever their imagination can thought. I like that the blocks are big so they do not lose them like the legos!
Fisher Price Rock-A-Stacker

38 reviews

My son loves this toy. He loves the colors and the challenge of stacking. It’s been fun watching his interactions with the game as he gets older. To just playing and chewing on them to now stacking them properly according to size. It’s been a great toy for the cost! Under...

34 reviews

They are great concepts, I did buy one for my daughter but the price is pretty steep in my opinion, I recently was looking for the owlicorn, it's about $100.00. That's crazy for exspensive for a child's toy. Even $50 is allot. It was fun to watch one hatch though. My daughter...
Monopoly Junior

34 reviews

I purchased this game for my ten year old daufhter, she loves it! Perfect game for sleepovers the kids really enjoyed it! It's about ten dollars at Walmart and will have them busy for hours!
Lol surprise ball

17 reviews

These are a neat idea but cross your fingers you don’t end up with a defective doll. Called customer service to let them know the doll had a deformed arm. Said they could only replace the doll if I took permanent marker and scribbled out the dolls face to prove I wouldn’t...