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Hatchimal CollEGGtibles

81 reviews

Both myself and my daughter love opening these. The surprise is always very fun and they are cute little characters. These are well made and provide looks of fun play time.
Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Tropical Party Playset

67 reviews

We got the tropical party play set as a Christmas gift and it has been a hit! It is a great place to be able to play with the hatchimal colleggtible figures! The sounds all work and it plays music when you press different buttons. The only negative aspect is sometimes it will...
PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Super PAWs Lookout Tower Playset

61 reviews

Our daughter received this for Christmas along with all of the separate Paw Patrol vehicles and pups. This is so cool with an elevator to take each pup up to the top of the tower, each pup has their specific spot that lights up their color and makes noise. You can connect the...
Kinetic Sand Sandbox Set

38 reviews

Kinetic sand is so fun and so easy to clean up. My son can spend so much time playing with it. This set is great as it comes with the tools and tray. We keep the sand in a Ziploc bag and it doesn't dry out. Love it!
Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Cosmic Candy Limited Edition Secret Snacks 12-Pack

37 reviews

Our daughter loves Hatchimal packs and we have quite a few of them. I was hesitant about this one because some of the characters are actually inside of little items like cupcakes and other candies (hence Cosmic Candy!) These were so cute!! My daughter loved popping the...
Kinetic Sand Sandisfactory Set with 2lbs of Colored and Black Kinetic Sand

29 reviews

I really enjoyed this and so did my nieces and nephews it’s suitable for everyone and every age I’m glad I received this product I will definitely repurchase for my other nieces.
Kinetic Sand Scents, 8oz Scented Kinetic Sand

27 reviews

My kids absolutely love this product and will play with it for hours on end. It's been there go to activity after daycare since we first received the product.
Kinetic Sand

51 reviews

I love the feeling of kinetic sand. I play with this with my nephew, and while we both have fun, I’d say I love it more than he does! There is something so satisfying about the sensory experience it provides. This was good quality, too.
Etch A Sketch Freestyle Drawing Tablet with 2-in-1 Stylus Pen and Paintbrush

27 reviews

The Etch-a-Sketch Free Style is a fun and interactive toy that enables children to explore their creativity by painting or drawing to their heart's content! No need for paper or markers/crayons, can easily use it at home or pack it to go or to use in the car. Very easy!
Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Mystery Wheel with 20 Surprises

32 reviews

This was a great gift for my 5 year old daughter. It was a blast to open and the hatchimals along with their accessories were a big hit. These are some of her favorite!
Kinetic Sand Sandyland Portable Playset

21 reviews

I would highly recommend this if you have little ones that don't quite get the point of a board game but you want to have a family play night. Good product, for a good price. We loved it and would highly recommend it.
Kinetic Sand Scents 4oz Ice Cream Cone Container

21 reviews

This is really a fun living toy which is so relaxing. It helps to motorise the senses and is chemical free.me and my son loved it so much that we bought in other could put too. This smells so good and is kids friendly. I will highly recommend.
Kinetic Sand Buried Treasure 3-Pack Set

22 reviews

My daughter, who is 9, really enjoyed playing with this toy. She liked having to search in the sand for the treasures. It defeinitly kept her occupied for a while and continues to play with the sand. Would recommend!
Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Cosmic Candy Multipack with 4 Hatchimals

28 reviews

My daughter loves these. She’s really into all of the collectible toys and she’s has been playing with these since she received them as a gift. She’s already asking for more!
Kinetic Sand Shimmer Unicorn Kingdom Playset

21 reviews

This was the perfect edition to our unicorn play date and we had so much fun mixing all of the colourful and sparkly Kinectic Sand. We had so much fun making different shapes for our unicorn friends.
Tech Deck Toy Skateboards Versus Series, Collectible Fingerboard 2-Pack and Obstacle Set

18 reviews

Awesome product.really nice design with good grips for the finger.its really a good product for kids as it good for the hand and eye coordination. I would definitely recommend it.
PAW Patrol Adventure Bay Bath Playset with Light-up Chase Vehicle

18 reviews

My little girl looooves Paw Patrol! Chase is her favorite character. She was so excited to get this Adventure Bay Bathtime play set. All I here is “Chase is on the case!” From the bathroom, ha ha ha. She loves the fact that his little police car lights up. It was a great...
Tech Deck Play and Display Transforming Ramp Set and Carrying Case

16 reviews

Received this and my 6 year old was THRILLED! It is his new favourite toy and he can’t wait to expand his collection and buy new boards and make a full skate park in his room.
Kinetic Sand Scents Ice Cream Cone with 2 Colors of Scented Kinetic Sand (4 oz)

17 reviews

My son LOVES kinetic sand. Buying it in the shape of an ice cream cone is an added bonus. The scent was pleasant. All of my children love to play with this sand. The only thing I might change is how the top of the cone comes off so easily. Easy for the sand go come out.
PAW PATROL Police Rescue Set

18 reviews

It was very fun for my kid to have a toy car that could get wet. It's also an affordable great gift for any child or even an adult, this is a great gift i would definetly recomend