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205 reviews

My kids love play doh , they are always creating whatever comes to mind in their head , from molding doughnuts to making people, they sure enjoy it and it helps them with creative ideaa on their head. They are constantly coming up with new ideas of what can be made from play doh.
Soggy Doggy Board Game

201 reviews

My kids love this game, they have wanted it for awhile and finally got it, they get all excited when they get splashed out of no where. It's definitely a fun game.
Sophie the Giraffe

188 reviews

You can relax knowing the materials used to make this toy are all natural and won't harm baby. Our Sophie is well loved by both kiddos. If we ever loose it we will be buying another one.
Operation Board Game

79 reviews

Este juego es uno de los mejores, tengo 4 niños con autismo y desde el más pequeño (de 3 años) hasta los más grandes de (12 y 11 años) les ha ayudado mucho en sus movimientos motores finos y coordinación vista mano, en serio lo recomiendo aparte se divierten enormemente.
Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Tropical Party Playset

57 reviews

My daughter loves this play set! It has interactive sounds and lights and many features to keep the kids interested. It can fit several Hatchimals Colleggtibles eggs or figures. Super cute toy and I highly recommend it.
Uno Card Game

57 reviews

Bonjour, Aujourd'hui je vais vous parler du jeu UNO qui est un jeu trop cool, comme dirait mon fils. B) Le jeu est parfait les enfants s'amusent très bien. Meme si des fois il y as des disputes pour de la "triche", ils sont contents du jeu. Je le donne le jeu dans le car il...
Crayola Classic Markers

64 reviews

I absolutly love this company an all products there wonderful colors an the prices for this product are very reasonable..anyone who loves art or has children should definitely try these
Twister Game

59 reviews

Anyone who hasnt played this game, should! Especially before they get to old and less limber! Tons of fun had by all and good laughs with some alkwark but hilarious encounters
Yahtzee Board Game

55 reviews

We been on a Yahtzee binge with my 4,7 and 12 year old it’s such an easy set-up and even our 4 year old caught on to the concept of it and even learned how to read dice lol. It brings us together as a family and almost every night is family game night because that’s all the...
Hatchimal colleggtables

33 reviews

My 3 year old daughter absolutely loves collecting these hatchimals! She gets so excited when she can crack the egg open to find a cute new toy inside.
Hungry, Hungry Hippos

53 reviews

What a amazing family game great for everyone this game sure does keep the kids busy and happy always lots of love and laughs in my house playing this game one of our favorite family games
Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

45 reviews

I have had the cozy coupe for a couple years now and both my kids love playing in it. My older one loves to pretend play wih it and it is equally fun for us to watch them. Very nice buy. Worth it.
Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls

48 reviews

I remember when these were very popular in the 80's, and everyone had to have one. There were line ups for hours and fights breaking out over this cute, unique toy.
Moonlite Storybook Projector Starter Pack (2 story reels)

29 reviews

I had my nieces and nephews over with their cousin and we tried this out on movie night with popcorn! All the children loved this and they had their cell phones her with them so they all got to try this out in my dark bedroom. i had the perfect wall for this a huge blank wall...
Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

40 reviews

There are a lot of options for sidewalk chalk on the market. Crayola may cost a little more than the others, but they are worth it. The colors are bolder/brighter and last longer. The chalk sticks themselves last longer and cover more area. The variety of colors is impressive. I...
Mega Blocks First Builders

31 reviews

Great first block. 1 year old has these we play with them everyday. Teaching how to connect, make forts and learn colors. Also like the fact that there big enough to see and wont surprisingly step on them. Ouchy
Fisher Price Rock-A-Stacker

39 reviews

We received this toy as a gift and it's been great. It's great for hand eye coordination,learning shapes,colours and numbers. The many uses are endless with it comes to this simple and classic toy. And it doesn't make noise!!!!
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker-Frustration Free Packaging

27 reviews

My daughter got this for her at Christmas when she was only 6 months and she lobed playing with it and it helped getting her to walk and now with her being 19 months she still has fun playing with it
Lol surprise ball

18 reviews

My daughter has recently found interest in the LOL dolls. We purchased a LOL big sisters ball on a regular shopping trip. She was very excited upon opening each "suprise" included in this toy! Love that each doll has a secret water suprise function for her to discover! Will be...
Monopoly Junior

36 reviews

Chez moi, ce jeu a été une déception. Mon fils de 8ans la reçue à Noël et il a été très déçue. Les règles sont simples....mais sa simplicité la rendue trop ennuyant pour mon fils... je crois que cette version peut être génial pour un enfant de 4 à 6ans...plus...