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Feminine Hygiene - Tampons Reviews

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Tampax Radiant Pearl Tampons

482 reviews

I’m a big fan! 3 women in household is rare to find products all agree on. We Absolutely trust this brand! When it comes to your period is not the time to be disappointed in a product. The multi-packs the way to go as comfort depends on rite size for the need and being able...
U by Kotex Click Regular Tampons

399 reviews

I love U by Kotex, they are truly the only brand I've used since they came out unless I can't get them for some reason and that usually ends up in disaster. The packaging is so cute and inconspicuous.
O.B. Tampons

313 reviews

The bloody fingers are nothing compared to how painful they are to try and insert. No matter how small the tampon size, or how slick the entrance is, they are too damn dry to be inserted comfortably. And if somehow they manage to get in there , it'll feel like a tiny knife...
Playtex Sport Tampons

152 reviews

For many years, I struggled with finding the right tampon. I have PCOS and Endometriosis, so you can imagine how bad my monthly will get. Every single product I tried, leaked like crazy and I'd always have to "double up" by using both a pad and tampon to avoid leaking onto my...
Tampax Pearl Regular

148 reviews

While I do live Tampax I find the pearl products to be less effective. Iva has the strings come out of the tampon, more leakage with the particular pearl over the regular and not as comfortable.
Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons, Regular absorbency

30 reviews

I love seventh generation products what I love about these Tampons was just the comfort I swear I almost forgot I was wearing it seriously it is that amazing I love how the product is plant based I recommend them highly
Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons, Super absorbency

23 reviews

I am very impressed with this product and will be changing my choice in brands because I feel I just the top level of protection and comfort while also not skimping out on application and quality of the product.
Tampax Pearl Compak

68 reviews

This is my always have product - I hate when I run out and have to make do with what's available. It's taken a few tries to obtain my preferred product.
U by Kotex Sleek Tampons - Regular

34 reviews

Kotex tampons are great. It does the job and I especially like these sleek design. It’s perfect use when my flow isn’t heavy. I would definitely purchase these again
Tampax Compak Pearl Tampons

73 reviews

This is great on the go as it is smaller and more compact than a regular tampon. I prefer the sports ones as they last a bit longer and prevent more leaks. But on a less active day, these do the job well. They also have my name in them.
Ob tampons

5 reviews

They have been a "go to" for a lot of generations! I recall my mother used to use these when i was younger, I have been presently surprised with beneficial the lack of packaging provides, environmentally friendly with less bleach in products, very well done!
Playtex Sport 360 Tampons

25 reviews

These are good tampons with a comfortable applicator. Good for beginners or those who need an applicator. Price is competitive. I usually buy them in bulk from costco.
O.B. Pro Comfort Tampons

1 review

After receiving a sample of O.B. Tampons, I fell in love with their discrete packaging and the fact that there is no applicator, which is environmentally friendly! I definitely recommend to those looking to reduce waste.
Just. Tampons

2 reviews

I absolutely love these tampons. I personally think they work better than the other brands I was using and way cheaper. I love that these have a cotton core and no dyes/fragrances or stuff that shouldn't be in a woman's body. They hold up pretty great. No leaks and no cotton...
L. Organic Cotton Tampons

3 reviews

It was my first time using tampons and I went with these I really liked them I could not feel them and they did not leak threw thank god . Definitely recommend these
Tampax Pearl Active Tampons

33 reviews

Tres bon produit de protection feminine. Tres efficace et aucune fuite. Excellente protection tout au long de la journée et ou de la nuit. Ul est confortable.
Equate tampons

1 review

These tampons work just the same if not better then the name brands and are a lot cheaper. Easy to glide in and very absorbent. I prefer the ones with the applicator over the cardboard for comfort reasons.
Tampax pocket pearl tampons

19 reviews

I purchased these tampax pocket pearl tampons for the convenience of the packaging. These are a good value at 4 a box. Cant feel when in place and good leak guards.
L Organic tampons

6 reviews

To find tampons that are organic is a plus but to find tampons that are good quality and you keep you fresh are hard to find, well look no further these are the ones to buy.
U by Kotex Click Multi-Pack Tampons

20 reviews

U By Kotex Click tampons are my favorite brand to go to during my time of the month. They are comfortable and last through the day without any accidents. I highly recommend picking up if you haven’t tried them before.